4 Tips on Copywriting for Construction

Copywriting for Construction Depends on the Clientele.

Copywriting for Construction
Copywriting for Construction Keeps Business Rolling

Most, if not all, small construction businesses (plumbers, electricians, etc.) need online copywriting for business marketing. Unfortunately, they don’t have the budget to take advantage of major online marketing companies. Instead, most small companies turn to the administrative aid, or someone in-house, and, “Say write me two blogs a month about our company, and we need six landing pages for the website launch.” While these individuals might know the clientele they may never have done any copywriting for construction companies.

How to Tackle Copywriting for Construction

So, where do you start if you are one of these small businesses?  Copywriting for your construction company begins by thinking like someone who has never picked up a hammer in their life. All a customer knows is they want to enjoy a larger house, or they want their toilet fixed, or they want a larger patio. In order to earn the trust of these consumers’, you have to talk to them on their level in terms that everyone can understand. Not to point out the obvious, but you can’t use any shop talk. So, no terms like “bobcat”, “skid steer”, and “Hilti gun”. For some professions like painting, this will be easier than HVAC, or plumbing.

Here are Four Things to Consider when writing copywriting for construction

  1. All benefit from regular blogging.
    Framer? Painter? Plumber? All benefit from regular blogging.

    USP: Unique Selling Proposition: What sets you apart? Every company takes a unique angle for their profession. Benjamin Franklin is always on time. Savage and Son, in Nevada, is the oldest operating business license for plumbing, HVAC, and piping. What is your company’s USP? It needs to overshadow all the copywriting for construction marketing? Here are some thoughts to think about? Do your clients deal directly with the owners? Do you use only green certified building materials and techniques? Are the services offered twenty-four hours for emergencies?

  2. Business credentials: It is important to put consumer’s minds at ease by letting them you will be accountability for every single action you take on their property and in the home. Consumers want to see that you are licensed, bonded, and insured. This is just the minimum of what an internet savvy consumer is looking for. Be sure to list any endorsements such as the BBB, or another local organization. Another credential that many consumers research is reviews and testimonials. While you can do very little for your reviews on Yelp, you can collect testimonials from your former clients. Whenever a good job has been accomplished, be sure to get the client’s opinion for the record.
  3. Homeowners Like To Know About Big Machines
    Homeowners Like To Know About Big Machines

    Materials and Supplies: Outline the home supplies, equipment, and products that will be used during the installation. After you have let the client know your USP, you begin building trust by showcasing the reliable equipment that will be installed into a home. List out your available paints, if you are a painter. Outline whether you use copper piping, or PVC if you are a plumber, and where you will use it in the home.

  4. Outline your process: This is the most important part of your copywriting. Consumers’ don’t like surprises, especially in their home. This does not have to be a definite guide, but if an excavator shows up on a client’s lawn they want to know why it’s there. They should also know what stage of their construction is beginning. When outlining your process starts with the assessment and then dive right into the construction as if the materials are already there. Write out briefly, your preparation work, installation process, and then your finishing process. Be sure to list out rough wait times in between steps.

Copywriting for Construction needs to be enticing and invigorating, but most importantly it has to establish trust in your knowledge of your trade. Not all four of these things need to be listed on every product, or service, page, but the information needs to be available for those consumers looking to do in-depth research on a contractor.

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